Best Body Pillows

It’s never easy to get sleep when you’re pregnant. No matter how far along you are you’re probably going to face back pain at some point, or leg pain, (or pains somewhere else). As pregnancy only grows more challenging the further along you are the most effective way to get a goodnight’s sleep is to invest in the right kind of pillow.

Body Pillow

This is the best pillow for overall generic support. You can position it basically anyway you need it and most stores carry them so they are easy to come by if you need one right away. They can be furry or have a normal pillow fabric on the outside and the stores that carry them usually will have special long pillow cases that will fit them. Normal pillow cases obviously won’t work because they aren’t long enough, as seen on .

C-Shaped Pillow

Certain body types require something different from a normal body pillow when it comes to pregnancy and sleep. C-shaped pillows are literally in the shape of a “c” and wrap around the back of the body for maximum comfort by relieving pressure along the spine. C-shaped pillows are ideal for women who don’t toss and turn a lot in the middle of the night. For those that are more active users, a u-shaped pillow might be a better choice.

U-Shaped Pillow

These pillows wrap around your both the back and tummy relieving pressure all around the body. If you’re suffering from back, hip, neck, or leg pain this pillow is one of the best body pillows for you. For active sleepers this particular pillow design is great because you can just roll over without having to readjust the pillow as you sleep. All you have to do is tuck the pillow back between your knees and you can go right back to sleep. This pillow is also an excellent choice for back sleepers who may find sleeping on the side uncomfortable. Since sleeping on the left side is ideal for increased oxygen for the baby, the u-shaped pillow will help encourage you to have a healthier baby.

Tob Banks